There is something about the spring season that makes me want to change my look.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my curly hair but every now and then (especially when my ends feel rough) I straighten my hair and cut my ends.

Just like the spring season, I believe that my curly hair deserves a new beginning.  Far too many times I hear of women not wanting to cut their hair for fear of having a shorter length.  But I both embrace it and invite it.  Long hair is something nice to have but HEALTHY hair is far more important to me.  So I cut my hair as needed to maintain my hair’s health.

With this new beginning, I am hoping that I can actually achieve Waist Length Hair by this December. My hair is currently at Bra Strap Length after my hair cut.  If you guys are interested to see how I plan to reach this goal in 8 months, come back to this blog to see how I do this……


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