Hello Beautiful!  Two words that every woman loves to hear. Especially when she is wearing makeup. So the type of makeup a woman decides to put on has a huge impact on how her overall look is going to be accomplished.

That’s one of the main reasons why I started to look into mineral makeup.  For a number of years now they have been on the market and many of the companies make similar claims:

  • natural looking skin
  • healthy radiant glow
  • even skin tone
  • Hypo-allergenic

I love the idea of using a product that will give my face a more radiant glow, even out my skin tone and all without breaking me out (like the MAC foundations I used to wear a few years ago).  

 So when I first heard that mineral foundations were a more natural product, I was immediately interested in finding my holy grail mineral product. 

In my search to find my holy grail mineral foundation, I went through a lot of different brands. But in the end, none of them really worked for me.

There were two products that came pretty close, Mary Kay Mineral foundation (not Cruelty Free) and Black Opal Mineral Foundation, but there was always one or more issues that I had with the products.  So I had no choice but to keep searching for that perfect mineral foundation.

I thought my search was hopeless until about 3 years ago when I heard about Anita Grants’ Hello Beautiful from a woman known as Natural belle  on Youtube.  There was also a post about her experience using the product written on her blog at hairspiration.blogspot.com. 

She demonstrated how she applied the product and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  But I quickly dismissed this new finding as something that only works on people who have perfect skin, the complete opposite of my oily, highly acne prone and sensitive skin.

So now we are in 2016, the year that I officially decided to go cruelty free with my beauty products. This decision has lead me one again to look at mineral makeup and once again I found myself searching  Anita Grants’ Hello Beautiful Mineral Powder.  However, this time around, once I realized this product was cruelty free and it had a wide range of shades, I immediately decided that I wasn’t leaving this website without ordering this product.

First, I needed to try and figure out which of the 29 shades would buy.  Thankfully the website offers samples that come in 1 gram sample sizes.  So I wouldn’t have to buy a bunch of full size products that didn’t work for me.

But how will I know which shade matches my skin tone?

Anita has got you covered….

The website offers a really helpful link that opens up to a wonderful chart that helps you to figure out which shades match your complexion based on your skins undertones.


So based on the chart from the website I figured that my undertone was Warm and my shade was Rich. So in that category I picked the colors Milk Chocolate Espresso and  Gateau au Chocolate.  But I also threw in a few other shades to possible use them to highlight and contour.  I choose Caramel for highlighting and All Spice for Contouring.


I loved how well the powders covered up my old acne scars and dark under-eye circles all the while providing me with a medium coverage but never looking cakey.  I tried the Milk chocolate Espresso as my main color for my overall face and it just instantly melted into my skin and matched my complexion perfectly.  Even my husband couldn’t believe how wonderful the finish of the mineral powder was on my skin (he couldn’t tell that I was wearing makeup).

Here’s a look at how the product looked on my skin without flash:


Here’s a side by side comparison of how the product looks on my face with and without flash:


After wearing the product for 8 hours there was no sign of irritation on my skin and I didn’t breakout once from using the product over the next few days.  Every day I fell more and more in love with it.

Overall, this mineral foundation is a keeper.  I definitely plan to buy the full size of Milk chocolate espresso to add to my daily makeup routine.

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