I’m at it again… This is my last shot to be done with dieting, obesity and feelings of insecurity.  Well it might not solve the insecurity part 100% but perhaps I might end up feeling slightly better about myself, or at least how I see myself.

Over 6 years ago I did my first round of hHCG (Homeopathic HCG) and I lost over  31 pounds in just 37 days! It seemed so easy to lose the weight and it took such little effort. Every day all I would do was take the HCG drops 3 times a day and eat 3.5 to 4 pounds of protein and certain veggies. There was no exercise required!   I’d wake up every morning to see .2, .5, 2 pounds gone!

After that first round, I was determined to make it to my goal of 135 lbs.  I only had 24 pounds left to lose.  I was soooooo close to being done with dieting forever.  It would have taken me just 2 months to lose the last 20 pounds but something kept getting in my way; something kept holding me back from reaching my goal.

What was it?

Who was it?

…….It was me.  I was the one that kept getting in my own way.

I did so many rounds after that first one and everyone who has done the HCG Protocol before me was right, any round after the first one is so HARD to do successfully!

It was more than just about the weight loss; it became a battle against the MIND.

But although the protocol worked on my body, it didn’t help me much with my mind set.  I still had the mentality of an obese person and the self esteem to match.  

I know this round is not going to be easy but I have to give it my all.

So with that said I’ve started another round of the HCG Protocol in order to lose a total of 97 lbs!  I know it’s a huge number but sadly it got to this point to were I’m weighing in at 230 lbs and I literally can’t take it anymore. I feel so uncomfortable all the time.  I don’t even recognize myself half of the time.  So it’s time for a dramatic change.

I would say that I’ve learned my lesson and I am mentally prepared this time around to be successful.

I’m calling this my GET IT OFF ME weight loss journey. I’m ready to get ALL of this weight off my body so that I can finally be my best and do the things I desire without hesistating because of my size.  I plan to do the protocal in 3 phases and 3 rounds for the next 6 months.  Hopefully by then I will have reached my goal.

I’m excited to share this journey with you all and it is my hope that I can inspire someone of you to take a chance on yourself and to try to become a BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF.

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