I don’t know about you guys but I can not walk into  Sally’s Beauty Supply store without buying something. Recently, some time in January and I was literally walking down the isle of Sally’s to buy a deep conditioner and a setting foam to try a roller set on my natural hair.

As I was checking the section for natural hair a stumbled upon an old friend, Design Essentials.  My hair loved their products back when I was relaxed but I’ve hardly used anything from their brand since going natural.  I noticed that they had a few new products and thats when I saw this……


Design Essentials Coconut Milk Foaming Co-Wash
Design Essentials Coconut Milk Foaming Co-Wash


Coconut Milk Foaming Co-Wash.  Not only does it come out as a foam but it is also a Co-Wash!!!


I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I’ve never seen anything like this before. I mean, yes, a number of brands have been coming out with co wash conditioners but this is the first FOAMING CO-WASH I’ve ever seen.

Although this isn’t what I came in for, I had to grab it and give it a try.  The inner Product Junkie inside of me couldn’t resist.

So fast forward to 3 days later and I really needed to wash my hair.  It had been about 7 days since my last co-wash and I had some build up and my hair was pretty matted.

I noticed that on the back of the bottle it mentioned that the Co-Wash detangles hair so I decided to not pre-detangle my hair but to see if the product can actually hold up to its claims.

And man was I happy that it did!  Not only did it detangle my curls but my curls were so defined, soft and shockingly less frizzy.  This Co-Wash is the first one in a long time that has actually wowed me.


Here is some information on the back of the bottle:

Foaming Co-Wash Ingredients List

Looks who’s got a bunny label!!!

I was totally excited to see that this product is not test on animals.

I’ve been using it 3 times a week now for the last 3 months and I there is still  1/4 of product left in the bottle.  So for something that only cost me $11.99 with my Beauty Club Card and it has lasted me this long it is definitely a keeper in my hair regimen.

Overall,  I highly recommend that you give me a it a try.


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