This hasn’t been easy guys but I’ve finally done it!

After doing research for several months now, I have complied a list of beauty companies that meet both MY needs of being animal and WOC friendly.  Now not all of these companies have the infamous “bunny” log and some may even be owned by a parent company that may not be cruelty free.  But in doing my research I noticed that not everyone agreed on the same definition of cruelty free standards.  So with that truth in mind I have made this list so that regardless of where you are in your journey you can find a number of brands that fit YOUR standards.


In my current collection of beauty products I’m in the process of using up what few non-cruelty free products I have left but I will not be repurchasing them.  Also I have decided to only buy products from brands that are not currently testing on animals.  I do also support brands that are cruelty free but may have a parent company that may not be cruelty free. I don’t think that these brands should be penalized for the views of their parent company.  Times are tough for everyone and sometimes certain companies have had to join with other Non cruelty free companies in order to survive. 


I am currently not focused on using only all natural and vegan products.  I believe that these factors are a plus when considering what to buy but I have not found that many of the brands that have these claims cater to WOC. Or if they do the shade range is powders, concealers and foundations is very limited. 


I am constantly looking for more brands that are cruelty free but I’m also aware that some companies can change their standards of testing that remove them from various “Cruelty Free” lists.  With this in mind, I will make an effort to keep up to date with standards of the companies that are on my list and will only remove these companies if I find that they have begun testing on animals. But give me some time,  I’m only one person and it may be a few weeks or even months before I can be sure that a company is no longer cruelty free.

With that said……Here we go!!!

Come back soon to see the Full List….